Nutrition and Fitness Coach
Liana Pesah graduated from Robert College and Boğaziçi University. After graduating from the faculty of Business Administration, she studied economy abroad. Later, combining with her own active sports life and balanced diet discipline, her own anti-aging applications as well as researches on soul and body integrity, she attended individual health and diet coaching trainings in INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION and STONEBRIDGE COLLEGE to apply “you are what you eat” philosophy.
Liana Pesah has been actively working as individual health coach for 10 years. She has managed Bio Therapy Section that offers balanced diet and addiction treatment of Liv Hospital for 2 years.
With her experience, she realised that there is no centre in Turkey that focused only on weight loss. She dreamed of a centre which all stages of controlling and losing weight are combined and found 360 Fit New Generation Fitness and Wellness Centre. This centre has various applications including body shaping, face shaping, addiction treatments, anti-aging applications, and functional training along with many other supporting functions.
Liana Pesah is giving a new impulse to sport perception in Turkey with Vacu Magic Beauty Line devices which she is also the sole distributor.