Effect of BioFit Application for Food Addiction
BioFit is the general name given to bio resonance treatment with bio resonance devices. In case of addiction, addicted material is placed inside the device and with electromagnetic vibrations, traces of the material are erased from body.

“Too much of a good thing is bad” approach actually determines all our behaviours. Most important effect of the application is the reflection of this belief to our eating behaviours.”

It is easy to lose weight with BioFit
Sugar, chocolate, cola, coffee, pastry, milk etc. addictions will easily become normal. Even from the initial session, effects will be distinctive. But desired results can be achieved at least after 4 sessions and “It doesn’t matter if I eat it or not” or “I can take it or leave it” attitude will develop for addicted food.With BioFit, you will become peaceful and comfortable. This way normal desire and eating habits can be achieved.